About Me

My name is Rebecca L. Brent. I was born in Kansas and adopted then moved to Redding, California after my 4th revolution around the sun. I am the youngest of many artistic and musically inclined siblings. 

I have always enjoyed art in its many forms. During my younger years of childhood and into turbulent adolescence I found refuge and focus in music and and drawing. I used to drive my mom nuts stealing cleaning rags to make into clothes for my barbies and pretending I knew how to sing opera in the shower. Now, I am living in Jersey City, New Jersey with my three cats, dog and husband. In my free time I sing, work on learning how to play Guitar, paint, dye my hair, hiking, camping and traveling.

What I am Working on.

I do wardrobe and prop styling, art department assisting, shopping, set dressing and makeup. 

As for my personal projects I am currently working on creating content for a new YouTube channel with Misael Cuering Jr.  

Photographer Credits
Carlos Moscat
Charity Cardiasmendos
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