Rebecca L.B. Cuering

About Me

My name is Rebecca L. B. Cuering. I am a neurodivergent person who was born in Kansas on 11/11. I was adopted by some folks in Redding, California after my 4th revolution around the sun. I am the youngest of many artistic and musically inclined siblings. 

I have always enjoyed art in its many forms. During my younger years of childhood and into turbulent adolescence I found refuge and focus in music and and drawing. I used to drive my mom nuts stealing cleaning rags to make into clothes for my barbies, building likely unsafe swings and such from found twine and sticks and pretending I knew how to sing opera in the shower. 

I have spent my career with one foot in the photo industry and the other in motion, primarily commercials in the NYC metro area. Four months after covid had started and when work had long since dried up for myself and my photographer we decided to move our family south to Charlotte, NC. We are looking forward to building a better quality of life, getting outdoors, and creating some awesome content. 

If you are a small brand/ start up please, let us work together to make some great images!

I am a current member of IATSE 491.

My services include-

 Set Decoration

Set Design

Set Dressing

Art Direction

Wardrobe and Prop Styling

Interested in working with me? 


Phone 530.515.7524- Please note if you call from a number I do not know you will need to leave a message or text. Due the the extremely high number of spam/scam/spoofed calls I receive on a daily basis.  Thanks for your understanding and may all people who do that be forever denied ice cream and good coffee.

Client List

Food Lion

Bruce Springsteen


Home Dynamix


NJ Lottery


Focus Aid

Chaps/ Ralph Lauren

Fujii Camera

And More...

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